The Art of Natural Solution

The Art of Natural Solution develops novel botanical extracts by working with local herbalists. By using America’s abundant resources, we are constantly developing natural products with great activities. Customers in North America are encouraged to reach out to us for attentive details and development of cosmetic ingredients.


Applechem is a cosmetic technology supplier with a diverse range of ingredients and intermediates for cosmetics, personal care and sun care formulations offering the G-Block,Ggel, NatureVgel, PhytoCare-HA and Applecare A-100 product lines.

Custom Ingredients, Inc.

Custom Ingredients, Inc. is committed to the development of specialty chemical blends, high quality natural oils, polymers and extracts. We tailor our products to customer needs, optimal performance, and superior batch-to-batch consistency. Our staff of technically trained sales consultants are 100% degreed scientists. We also offer an in-house applications lab to provide excellent starting points for utilizing our products in the customer applications.


FloraTech offers botanical, stable and functional oils & derivatives along with specialty particles to the cosmetics and personal care markets.

GEO Specialty Chemicals

GEO Specialty Chemicals markets include water treatments, coating and resin additives; specialty acrylic monomers; consumer additives; plus a broad range of dispersants, surfactants and other additives to several markets.

GrayBeard Solutions

With decades of experience within the full scope of the specialty chemicals arena, Gray Beard Solutions was established to meet the needs of formulating chemists by producing and supporting differentiated performance ingredients and formulated concentrates. Manufacturing a full range of cationic, anionic, amphoteric and nonionic surfactants, Gray Beard is committed to the introduction of new technology and exceptional alternatives to common ingredients that expand the limits of what’s possible.

International Cosmetics Science Centre

Your one stop solution supplier for innovative natural oils, butters, antioxidants & preservatives for cosmetics and personal care .


Since 1927, Ikeda Corporation has been extending our product lines to Cosmetic raw materials, Quasi-drug raw materials, Cosmetic finished products & packages, Fragrances & Flavors, Food additives, Natural colors, Beauty & Health products with company’s basic principles such as spirits of creativity, innovation, solidity and internationality.

Jarchem Industries Inc.

Jarchem offers exotic butters and oils, natural extracts, antioxidants and organic certified oils. Their Jarxotic portfolio offers an exotic line of butters , oils and extracts from the Rainforest. Jarcol line of alcohols offers unique emollient properties.


Vantage manufactures and supplies select raw materials for use in value added formulations. Using their esterification, alkoxylation and blending capabilities, Vantage manufactures 100 olechemical derivatives for customers seeking high performance and naturally derived ingredients.