ARC Products Inc. has been at the forefront of pioneering novel chemistries since 1985, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of traditional science. We collaborate with innovative manufacturers that not only ensure top-quality but also challenge the status quo in chemical innovation. Our seasoned sales team and inventive technical group delve deep into the science behind our products, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed our customers’ objectives.

Driven by curiosity and a passion for innovation, we prioritize understanding the unique chemical challenges our clients face. With our extensive knowledge in the intricate field of liquid to dry transitions, we provide both solutions for today and envision the possibilities of tomorrow.

At ARC Products Inc., our commitment isn’t just about providing quality products—it’s about redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in the chemical realm. While our contributions significantly impact markets like Personal Care, Household, Industrial, and Institutional cleaning, and select sectors of the Oilfield industry, our reach doesn’t stop there. Our revolutionary specialty materials have even found applications in sectors as varied as asphalt shingle manufacturing and as innovative quick-release agents in aircraft de-icing fluids.

Together, we’re not just serving the chemical needs of our clients; we’re shaping the future of chemistry.

 What Makes Us Different?

When ARC Products installed a laboratory to support its sales efforts, one of the objectives was to develop proprietary technology for its customers. Over time ARC’s lab has developed a wide array of unique products that provide attributes to customers that did not previously exist in the market. Goals for ARC’s development process for new products are very focused:

  • Robust formulations that work in a wide array of conditions
  • Cost effective
  • Moving progressively toward greener chemistries
  • Products that are physically and chemically stable
  • Rigorous storage testing for all formulations developed at ARC ensures that products are stable and will continue to perform over time.

While the laboratory focuses on the development of new products, it also supports customers in the application and use of those products. ARC’s technical staff can assist in customers’ application of our products from the lab to the end user.

Using the current laboratory and technical resources, ARC has developed a range of commercial, off-the-shelf products for customers to test in their applications. At ARC, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to products and challenges experienced when trying to solve problems. When the commercial options do not exactly meet customer expectations, ARC is more than willing to tailor a product specific to that issue and application.