Cement Strength Enhancer

A cement strength enhancer in oilfield cementing is an additive used to improve the compressive strength and durability of the cement. It helps create a stronger, more reliable bond between casing, cement, and formation, enhancing the overall well integrity and performance.

Product Name: Oil Pro CSE

Chemical Name: Cement Strength Enhancer

Oil Pro Cement Strength Enhancer (CSE) is a synergistic blend of a binder and synthetic pozzolanic lightweight additives. The pozzolanic components of Oil Pro CSE combine with calcium hydroxide produced during the cement hydration process to form additional cementitious materials, enhancing the early-age and ultimate compressive strength of the hardened cement. Cement systems formulated with Oil Pro CSE will also have an intrinsic thixotropic behavior, improved mechanical properties, satisfactory rheological behavior, reasonable thickening and WOC times, and improved resistance to chemical attack and alkali−silica expansion. Oil Pro CSE also has a small particle size and a larger specific surface area than cement. The fine particles of Oil Pro CSE work as a packing agent between the cement grains, improving the compactness of the hardened cement and providing a different, yet simultaneous method by which Oil Pro CSE can enhance the strength of the set cement, irrespective of temperature.
Oil Pro CSE was developed to replace inorganic salts (calcium chloride, sodium chloride, etc.), calcium sulfate (Hemihydrate and Dihydrate versions), Sodium Metasilicate, and calcined clays (e.g., Metakaolinite), which have all been used as set accelerators and compressive strength enhancers in cement compositions. However, in very low temperature oilwell cementing applications, the aforementioned materials are often ineffective in providing accelerated set times and enhanced compressive strengths due to the high concentrations that have to be used to achieve the desired results. The high concentrations drastically reduce the placement or pumping times of the cement compositions which are often too short for placing the compositions in the required locations. When set retarding agents are utilized to increase the placement or pumping times of the compositions, the enhanced compressive strength development of the cement compositions is often lost. The same is true for high temperature applications where the same materials when used are too reactive and result in reduced placement or pumping times. When set retarding agents are used to increase the placement or pumping times, compressive strength enhancement is often lost. Chloride salts also have another disadvantage associated with their use; such salts can cause steel pipe or steel structural members in contact with cement compositions containing the salts to rapidly corrode.
Oil Pro CSE does not significantly affect placement or pumping times and allows cement compositions to attain early enhanced compressive strengths over a broad temperature range, including at low temperatures (40°F to about 130°F). At high temperatures (200°F to about 375°F), Oil Pro CSE does not significantly reduce placement or pumping times. However, if longer placement or pumping times are required, set retarding agents can be utilized without significantly affecting the enhanced compressive strengths attained by the compositions.
What Are the Benefits of Oil Pro CSE?
 Enhanced early-age and ultimate compressive strength in oilwell cement and concrete systems.
 Thixotropy. Reduced Transition Times in Oilwell Cement Systems.
 Improved set cement mechanical properties.
 Low Permeability. Due to the particle size range of Oil Pro CSE, and its particle packing behavior.
 Improved resistance to chemical attack and alkali−silica expansion.