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ARC’s Oilfield Team has worked over the past 25 years to create innovative products that aid customers in dealing with challenges experienced with their applications. One area of technology that ARC has focused on deals with liquid to dry conversion of compounds used for Oilfield applications. The use of dry products can reduce costs, improve safety for the products, and enhance storage stability especially during cold weather. We continue to create new products and are in constant dialogue with our customers to bring better products to the market. Our product offerings range from cementing to EOR and our technical experts can help create your company’s next new product.


A demulsifier in the oilfield separates water from crude oil, breaking down emulsions to facilitate efficient oil-water separation and enhance production processes.

NameProduct NumberDescriptionMore Information
Oil ProOFS-100 Multi-functional, 100% active, non-ionic surfactant. Click Here
Oil ProQuARC 1095A groundbreaking surfactant with unique properties, combining non-ionic and cationic benefits.Click Here

 PreFlush Products

Pre-flush products prepare oil wells for drilling and production, cleaning, stabilizing, and enhancing productivity while reducing reservoir damage. The specific product used depends on factors like drilling fluid, reservoir type, and well conditions. Pre-flush products contain surfactants, solvents, and dispersants that are safe for the environment and drilling fluids.

NAMEProduct NumberDescriptionMore Information
ProFlushWBD-243A liquid pre-flush designed to wet formation surfaces, aiding in the removal of water-based drilling muds before cementing.Click Here
ProFlushWBD-223A powdered pre-flush that wets formation surfaces and removes water-based drilling muds, priming for cementing.Click Here
ProFlushWBD-260A powdered pre-flush, wetting formation surfaces and removing water-based drilling muds for cementing preparation.Click Here
ProFlushOBD-22Optimize oil-based mud removal for better cementing. Click Here
ProFlushOBD-PThe powdered pre-flush for oil-based mud removal and superior cementing. Click Here


Defoamers are chemical additives that prevent foam formation during drilling. Foam can reduce efficiency and create safety hazards. Defoamers break down liquid surface tension and stabilize foam, allowing fluid to flow more easily through the wellbore, reducing complications and improving safety.

NameProduct NumberDescriptionMore Information
Oil Pro CLD-4An effective defoamer for cementing and various applications.Click Here
Oil Pro CD-100The ultimate defoamer for controlling cement slurry foaming. Click Here

 Cement Strength Enhancers

Cement strength enhancers are used in oil drilling to improve the compressive strength, early strength development, and fluid loss control of the cement slurry. These additives are essential for ensuring the integrity of the wellbore and preventing leaks and blowouts. Overall, cement strength enhancers are an important tool for ensuring the safety and integrity of oil wells. 

NameProduct NumberDescriptionMore Information
Oil ProCSEA potent blend of binder and synthetic pozzolanic lightweight additivesClick Here

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