Oil Pro QuARC 1095

Oil Pro QuARC 1095: A groundbreaking surfactant with unique properties, combining non-ionic and cationic benefits. Compatible with anionic materials, ideal for Oilfield applications like acidizing, fracturing, and production treatments. Proven emulsion-breaking, non-emulsifying, and surface modification capabilities. Effective in surfactant-only and micro-emulsion systems. Enhances demulsification in challenging crude oil emulsions with colloidal solids.

Product and Chemical Description

Product Name: QuARC 1095

Chemical Name: Polyquaternium ammonium chloride

Product Application and Uses:

QuARC 1095 is the first in a series of novel surfactants that exhibits a unique set of functional properties. It is a result of completely new, patent-pending chemistry developed at ARC Products Inc., that combines the positive functional qualities of both non-ionic and cationic surfactants into a product that is compatible with all anionic materials tested to date. QuARC 1095 was designed primarily to provide superior function in classic Oilfield applications such as Acidizing, Fracturing, and Production Chemical treatments. Anticipated and proven functional characteristics include: Emulsion-breaking and emulsion-preventing in ‘spent acid’, anionic/cationic/nonionic polymer, and surfactant-compatible non-emulsifying in fracturing fluids, improved flow back through rock surface modification and excellent performance in both surfactant-only and micro-emulsion systems. Its compatibility with anionic surfactants makes it an excellent candidate for needed functions in IOR, EOR, and production demulsifier systems. Early indications show that QuARC 1095 helps destabilize difficult crude oil emulsions that contain problematic colloidal solids, resulting in cleaner oil/water interfaces when emulsions are broken.

Typical Properties:

  • Appearance; Clear amber liquid
  • pH, (5% solution);  6.0 – 7.0
  • Active (%); 95
  • Density; 8.68
  • Viscosity (cps, 20°C); 1900
  • Moisture (%); 5.0
  • Flashpoint (°C); >93.3
  • Pour point (°C); -7


  • Water; Completely
  • Aromatic 200; 10%w/w
  • Isoparaffinic oil; Insoluble
  • Methly soyate; 5%w/w
  • API brine; Dispersable
Storage and Handling: Do not allow the product to freeze. If the product does freeze, warm to at least 10C and mix to ensure homogeneity.
Date: 06/26/2020 Revision: New


Use appropriate personal protective equipment when working with QuARC 1095. Do not get into the eyes, on the skin, ingest or inhale mist generated during the use of the product. Try to prevent the generation of mist during the use of the product. Make sure that proper ventilation and eye washes/safety showers are present in the immediate work area. Do not flush product into the sewer system.