Personal Care

Personal care chemicals

The personal care chemical industry is a crucial sector that plays a significant role in the production and development of various products aimed at enhancing personal hygiene, health, and well-being. ARC’s personal care manufacturers offer a wide selection of chemicals including skincare, sun care, hair care, cosmetics, oral care solutions, and other personal hygiene essentials. These chemicals undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict safety and quality standards to ensure they are safe for human use. As the industry continuously innovates and evolves, new ingredients and formulations are introduced. These products cater to ever-changing consumer preferences and emerging trends in the beauty and personal care market. With a strong focus on our customers, ARC offers formulation and application support for innovative and effective solutions for personal care needs.

Selected Core Product Catagories
Botanical Extracts
Exotic Butters and Oils
Bentonite Clays
Green Chelating Agent
Mineral Oils
Pigment Dispersants
Rheology Modifiers
Oil Texturizer
Snow Mushroom Extract
Hand Sanitizer

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