ProFlush WBD-243

ProFlush WBD-243 is a liquid pre-flush designed to wet formation surfaces, aiding in the removal of water-based drilling muds before cementing. It quickly disperses into water without clumping or gelling, ensuring smooth pumping. Compatible with all water-based muds and cement slurries, but test for compatibility before use. Also works with nonionic and anionic additives.

Product Data Sheet
Date: 04/24/2023
Revision: New

Product Name: ProFlush WBD-243
Chemical Name: Cementing pre-flush

Product Applications:

ProFlush WBD-243 is a liquid pre-flush that was designed to simultaneously wet formation surfaces and help remove
water based drilling muds as preparation for the next step of the cementing process. WBD-243 disperses quickly into
water and does not clump or gel, causing no problems during pumping.
ProFlush WBD-243 is pumped ahead of the cement to separate it from water based drilling muds. When pumped ahead
of the cement ProFlush WBD-243 will leave downhole surfaces water wet and remove drilling mud residue, which can
result in an improvement in quality of the bond between cement, casing and formation.
ProFlush WBD-243 should be compatible with all water based muds and cement slurries but if uncertian test for
compatibility before using the product. ProFlush WBD-243 should be compatible with nonionic and anionic additives.

Typical Properties
Light yellow to amber liquid
9.0 – 10.0
9.25 – 9.75

pH, (neat)
Density (lbs/gal)
Specific gravity 1.11 – 1.17

Storage and Handling
Storage Make sure that partial drums are tightly sealed because the product is slightly hydroscopic.
Handling Use appropriate personal protective equipment when working with ProFlush WBD-243. Do not get into
eyes, on skin, ingest or inhale dust generated during the use of the product. Try to prevent the generation
of vapor/mist during use of the product. Make sure that proper ventilation and eye washes/safety showers
are present in the immediate work area. Do not flush product into the sewer system.